Student Services

Here to Support You

At Athenian, our devoted, attentive faculty and staff work hard to make sure that all students are able to thrive emotionally, physically and intellectually. As a boarding school where many students are far from home, we strive to create an environment where all students can feel as supported as they would in a family environment. From advisory to nursing to our learning services program, this support takes many forms.

People and Programs

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  • Dean of Students

    The Dean of Students works with several different faculty members to give the students support and guidance. Whether the challenges they face are academic, social or emotional, the Dean will help where she can and link students with the appropriate resources.
  • Upper School Academic Dean

    The Academic Dean supports students with scheduling and academic concerns such as adding or dropping classes. 
  • Ninth and Tenth Grade Deans

    Ninth and Tenth Grade Deans organize orientation and support programs for new students. They monitor new students' progress and make themselves available to meet with and advise new families.
  • Advisory

    During advisory, students meet in small groups or individually with dedicated faculty members to discuss personal or community concerns. These groups are grade-specific and focus on the social and emotional growth of our students.
  • Life Skills/Sociology

    All sixth grade students take Life Skills, a class that will equip them with many of the tools they need to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially during the complex middle school years. Topics include peer relations, study skills, time management, and digital citizenship. 
    In ninth grade, all students take Sociology: Society and Self. The class examines physical and mental well-being from a wide array of perspectives: sexuality, diet and exercise, mental health, learning styles, and sleep. They will leave the course with an in-depth plan for self-care that will help them to best thrive through the rigorous demands of high school. The unit on society looks at power dynamics and inequity through the lens of sociological research and evidence.
  • Learning Services

    Athenian provides support for those students who learn differently. We provide support for students to succeed, including referrals to resources that provide organizational coaching.

    For students with a diagnosed learning difference, we can secure extra time on exams, provide preferential seating, and allow the use of technology.

  • Peer Counselors

    In the Upper School, a select group of students provide their peers support, active listening and guidance with the daily challenges of academics and high school life.
  • School Counselors

    Everyone needs emotional support sometimes. Our professional school counselors are available to students whenever they need to talk. For students who need additional support, a professional therapist may be recommended.
  • School Nurses

    A nurse is on campus each day to provide medical care and referral services to all of our students.
  • College Counseling

    For information on our extensive College Counseling program, please visit this page.

Spotlight: Learning Services

Athenian's learning services team embraces students' strengths and skill levels and is here to help every student at Athenian succeed. Our goal is to help students build resiliency and become strong self-advocates; students who have a deep understanding of how they learn can help their teachers with how best to challenge and guide them. We recognize that all students learn differently and we will collaborate with you, your parents, and your teachers to ensure every student's fair opportunity for success. 

Students and parents can contact 
Jeannine Bourhill Morales, Director of Learning Services & Student Support.